The Beatles: Please Please Me

We were hired by TBI Media to perform DIT and editing duties on this unique recording session at Abbey Road Studios, marking the 50th anniversary of the famous 12-hour session that resulted in The Beatles’ debut album Please Please Me.  That’s right – a 12-hour session in 1963, produced by George Martin, during which the band recorded 11 songs that featured on the finished album.


Our task was to edit the music performances which were the focus of this 1 hour documentary on BBC4, with guest artists including Stereophonics, Joss Stone, Graham Coxon and Beverley Knight.  The challenge for us was to perform DIT and editing simultaneously, with Darren backing up the footage as Jon edited the performances as soon as the rushes were off the camera.  Editing 11 songs in 2 days was a tough ask, but something we again delivered on time and on budget.